Block Management

Rodgers & Finney have the knowledge and know-how to manage residential development blocks, taking the pressure off shareholders and assuring quality service to tenants. Our block management facility builds on the service we provide to shareholders, and delivers on the unique requirements of any development. We can take care of all tenant management and maintenance.

Our Block Management service includes:

  • Regular site inspections.
  • Management of maintenance schedules to maintain high standards.
  • Arranging quotes, repairs and maintenance.
  • Access to a panel of vetted contractors.
  • 24-hour emergency contractors.
  • Arranging payment of outgoings.
  • Detailed monthly statement.
  • Keyholding service.
  • Handling resident queries.
  • Holding and organising annual general meetings.
  • Arranging competitive insurance policies.

Onsite Visits

We undertake regular site inspections; while on site the property will be checked for damage, wear and tear or any other issues.

Grounds maintenance schedules will be examined in order to make sure that we are offering the best possible service and standards are kept high.

All work carried out by contractors will be inspected and no payments made until we are satisfied with works completed.


We work closely with our broker in gaining the best possible quotes for the insurance cover. We have put in place various guarantees which have enabled us to obtain the most competitive rates.

Insurance claims

We operate a 24/7 call out facility on emergency calls only. By handling this between the directors we ensure that no unnecessary expenditure is placed upon the company.

Company Operations

  1. Compliance with annual returns.
  2. Collation of all accounting transactions prior to transferral to accountants for production of accounts, which in turn will be filed on time at Companies House.
  3. Appointment and resignation of directors/secretary.

Bank Accounts

Individual bank accounts are opened for each development ensuring only your money can be spent on your services.


Throughout the year, quarterly or half yearly account statements can be produced for the Director's attention.

These will be available by email or post depending on the preference.

The accounting period will be adjusted to reflect the service charge period.


We only use approved, insured contractors that have provided their insurance certificates.

All our contractors provide written estimates for out of contract works for approval before the works are completed.

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